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Professional logo design by G3 Creative

Scotland’s creative graphic design studio, G3 Creative are highly experienced in creative marketing communications such as printed promotional materials, brochure design, logo design and branding, we design iconic, appealing, clear and recognisable logo’s. 
If the brand is well set up, everything else falls into place much better. From visual to print trust G3 Creative with your logo design project.

If you wish to increase sales G3 Creative can help make your marketing message visually stimulating. We produce unique, cutting edge graphic design solutions for start-up companies to large organisations.

G3 Creative offer special design packages for new start-up companies in Scotland. Visit us online to find out more.

So what makes a logo good...

Here are some of the basic elements G3 Creative use to create a successful logo:

Good logos are simple. They incorporate just one typeface (two MAX) and/or mark. This simplicity makes a quick statement about your company without unnecessary fluff.

Logos should be able to scale down small enough to fit on a business card as well as large enough to fit on a billboard. Be sure your graphic designer gives you vector images of your logo so it will scale without becoming illegible.

A logo should look good in both black and white and color. Logos are often used in black and white advertising where color is not available. When colour is used, it should look good in both spot colour and four colour.

Logos should use fonts and colours that appeal to their demographics. A woman’s spa should not use huge clunky lettering and a men’s basketball team wouldn’t use a soft, scripty font. Your audience can often influence your colour choices; generally, men prefer blue while women prefer red.

The best way to stand out from your competition is to be different. Don’t emulate a competitor’s logo. Not only can it be illegal, you’ll stand a greater chance of getting noticed if you’re different. While there are many common aspects of logos, there are plenty of ways to make them distinguishable through graphic elements, colours and fonts.

The best way to be memorable is to make your logo speak truthfully about your company. It should evoke a feeling or provide insight into what your company does. By doing this it will become recognizable over time. Think Target Stores and Nike and you instinctively see a red bullseye and a swoosh. See? That’s what it’s all about.

Visit, and find out how good graphic design can help your business.

G3 Creative, advertising and graphic design agency in Glasgow, Scotland.

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