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Designing for print by G3 Creative in Scotland

When Glasgow based freelance graphic designers, G3 Creative undertake a graphic design project, the first thing we reach for is not the computer, a camera or a telephone. The first thing we reach for is our thinking cap and a pencil.Good graphic design achieves a delicate balance... The lateral thought that sparks great ideas must be weighed against a rigorous logic to ensure that each design project achieves its specific objectives. The energy and passion of youthful imagination must be tempered with the wisdom and experience of older heads.

The artistic impulse to the perfect brochure design or leaflet design must be moulded to serve the appropriate business purpose, it is not enough to get the brief right, if the creative approach does not link in anyway to the sales message. 
At G3 Creative we have assembled a team that balances all these elements. Bright young designers work under experienced creative direction. And all that talent is aimed towards achieving the optimum marketing…

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